FRID is a member-driven organization. We encourage members to be involved at all levels. The committee structure established provides many opportunities for members to serve their professional organization.

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General Qualifications (for all committees):
  • Be a voting member in good standing (a Certified member or Associate member of RID as well as FRID)
  • Be willing to commit to serving a full term (reappointments will be done annually)
  • Be willing to attend regular meetings (video conference, conference call) and face-to-face meetings as needed
  • Work cooperatively with other committee members and liaisons
  • Possess strong communication and organization skills
  • Be accessible to the FRID board and the committee chairperson
  • Have time to dedicate to this volunteer opportunity (time demands will vary by committee)
  • Have email access and respond in a timely manner
    Appointment Process:
    • Interested members should submit a committee application form.
    • All committee members are appointed by the FRID President with the advice and consent of the committee chairperson and the Board of Directors.
    • Members will be notified as soon as their appointment has been approved.
    • Upon acceptance of a committee appointment a FRID Committee Confidentiality form will need to be signed and on file before any duties are assigned.
    • Committee Rosters with names of all appointed committee members will be posted on the FRID website.

    Active Committees

    Thank you to all members who have stepped up to serve on various committees.  

    See the current active committees below.

    • Advocacy, Education, and Outreach
    • Bylaws Committee
    • Communications Committee
    • Deaf Advisory Committee
    • Historical Committee
    • Meetings & Events Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Professional Development Committee

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