Professional Development Committee

Aims to promote the goals of the organization and the advancement of the profession through opportunities for: knowledge and skills development of interpreters, professional networking, and public education and awareness.

  • Plan, prepare, and execute all of FRID's workshops, conferences, webinars, and other professional development events
  • Work with the Region Representatives to expand our events to all of the major Florida regions
  • Coordinate with presenters to provide quality CEU-earning opportunities to our certified members
  • Create professional development opportunities to benefit pre-certified members and encourage certification
  • Coordinate with interpreter training programs to provide quality learning opportunities to our student members
  • Increase the number of professional development events per year and provide more CEU-earning opportunities
  • Host a wider variety of event types to attract our members and keep them coming back
  • Coordinate with FRID Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) Sponsor
Number of members: Chair plus 5


Cre Limbeck-Dishaw

Email Me

Jillian Ayers, Ariana Carrillo-Hernandez

Board Liaison:
Nicole Bihlmayer, 1st Vice-President

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