Advocacy, Education, and Outreach Committee

The Advocacy, Education, and Outreach committee is responsible for promoting advocacy in regards to legislative issues pertaining to members of the interpreting profession, as well as those impacted members of the Deaf community. The committee is responsible for educating organizations and entities about current laws, professional standards and/ or needs regarding the provision of qualified interpreters. The committee also seeks to identify and strengthen relationships and partnerships with other stakeholder groups and organizations.


  • Building/strengthening connections and partnerships with state leaders and other agencies/organizations
  • Planning outreach and awareness events in the community (Town Hall meetings, Rally on Tally, etc)
  • Develop and implement legislative action plan, including grassroots efforts
  • Develop educational/training materials to be used by FRID
  • Continue the work of the previous committees (Interpreter Regulation Committee and Emergency Response Interpreter/Disaster Response Interpreter Committee)

Number of members: Chair, plus 5

Carly Hudson

Carly Hudson is the Advocacy, Education & Outreach Committee Chair. She graduated from Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ) with her A.S. in Interpreting and continued her education at University of North Florida (UNF) to receive her B.S. in ASL/English Interpreting. She interprets in various settings such as K-12, medical, performing arts, and video relay. Carly is the Field Experience Coordinator for the UNF ASL/English Interpreting Program, overseeing the student hour accruement process for the department. In her free time, she runs Professional Young Interpreters in Jacksonville and enjoys reading, letterboxing, and hiking.

Committee Members:
Allison Austin and Pamela Bernkrant

Board Liaison:

James Pope, 2nd Vice-President

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